Moving or improving your commercial office space is the tough decision

by | Dec 13, 2023

Deciding to improve or move to a new office space is always a tough decision for any business. 

Post Covid, many business owners and managers face a tough decision.  Either, staff remain working in a hybrid fashion where home working allows the office to downsize and the office becomes a more flexible work environment or, the workforce return to the  office to be upscaled or refurbished to meet the more social needs of the work force.  

What questions should you ask yourself?

There’s a few questions that the business owner and manager should ask.  Can the business afford a move to the perfect address?  Does the existing office space physically  have the space for the expansion?  Is it time to relocate to larger premises altogether to meet your business requirements.?  Can your existing office be redesigned for more efficient use?

We work closely with our clients to answer these questions

We work closely with our clients through the design process to enhance their working environments to meet their business needs.  This not only improves staff productivity but also makes the office a desirable destination.  

Due to hybrid working, many offices have been left with reduced staff numbers and as a result businesses are re-thinking their own accommodation.  It’s a perfect time to analyse, space plan and implement improvements. At Block Interiors we can help keep clients up to date with the latest trends, creating design led aesthetic and functional office space.

Some areas to consider are changes to your lobby or reception area.  Whether it’s a bespoke reception desk or lobby space with a new feature wall and company logo we’ve got first hand experience of making great first impressions. First impressions count!

Breakout areas are ideal for ensuring that staff aren’t at their desks all day.  Your team’s mental health and wellbeing can be greatly influenced by having eg an informal meeting space with soft seating areas  away from the screen.

Biophilic design is a concept that aims to increase the connection between people and nature. It can be achieved by incorporating various natural elements, such as:

Plants, flowers, herbs, and mosses that add colour, texture, and fragrance to the office space. In turn reducing stress and improving mood and mental well-being by creating a more relaxing and pleasant atmosphere for staff.  

These are just some elements that go into creating a destination office, so if you’re considering a move or refurbishing an existing premises please get in touch to discuss your next project.

 Associate and Head of Block Interiors, Oliver Shields, said:

“It’s great to be here working with the team at Block Architects and Block Studio.  Having worked in the industry for over 18 years, it’s now great to be in a collaborative office where architecture, planning, interiors and CGI graphics all merge to provide the client with an immersive design solution.  Our product at the end of the day is the completed building or space.  Being able to unite these disciplines means our client’s can enjoy a final product wholly designed by our creative team”

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